Sports betting

Sports betting

What is Sports betting?

Sports betting is one of the most common types of gambling in the world. Sports betting is a bet on the outcome of a specific sporting event.

Although it is impossible to pinpoint exactly where and when Sports betting was started, its origin can be found hundreds of years back.

Some argue that bets were first made in Ancient Greece, while others argue that similar live betting practices happened even earlier.

Sports betting generates enormous profits for the gamblers.

Now, due to online bookmakers, it is easier to bet on your favorite sport without having to leave your house. So, in this article, we will discuss sports betting and its types. 


Types of sports betting

sports betting

  • Sports betting Moneyline bets¬†

There is no spread or handicap in a Moneyline bet, and the favored side must win the game outright.

The favorite offers lower odds than the underdog, which serves mostly as an incentive to back the underdog for a better return.

To maximize the payoff of a parlay, a bettor can combine this form of a bet with one on the favorite team.

  • Spread betting

Spread betting refers to bets taken against the odds.

When two teams face each other and one is thought to be more likely to prevail, the spread is a number allocate by bookmakers that handicaps one team and advantages the other.

The underdog “gives” points while the favorite “takes” points from the final score.

This figure can also be in half-point (.5) and to prevent a tie, 5 point scoring is use.

  • Total bets

The total bets are wagers take on the combine score of all players.

For example, if an MLB game has a total of 10.5, an over bettor would want the combine total to be higher,

while an under bettor would want the combine total to be lower.

The gamble is a drive if the cumulative sum equals the proposed total.

While most sportsbooks refund all wagers on pushes, a small percentage of them count them as losses.

  • Proposition bets

Wagers on a very particular result of a match that isn’t relevant to the final score, typically of a mathematical kind, are known as proposition bets.

Predicting the number of goals a star player will score in an association football match,

betting on whether a player will rush for a certain number of yards in an American football game,

or betting on whether a baseball player on one side

will collect more hits than another player on the opposing team are both examples of sports betting.

  • Sports betting Parlays bet

A parlay is a combination of several bets that pays out more to active bettors if one of the best in the parlay succeeds.

A parlay consists of at least two bets but can have as many as the bookmaker permits.